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a christmas carol in 3d
January 10, 2007, 6:21 am
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For three years in a row I worked on a version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  It was a great show done by some of my close friends, most of which are not close any more.  It’s quite sad actally how we all scattered about after schoo and don’t ever seem to have the time to catch up.

I found out a few weeks ago that one of my best friends from that time period is now engaged.  It seems sort of strange to me almost that I have been asleep for a few years while life progressed on without me, even thou I know it hasn’t.  Really its more like I passed by life without even waving to it.  It’s amazing how we get wraped up into our “daily routine” and loose sight of the big picture.  I don’t know that I will ever be close to all those guys again, I hope so, but as my dad always says “You can spit in one hand and wish in the other and see what you come up with.”  I don’t really know what that means… Sometimes southern sayings (for example) that one have a strange way of putting things.  Anyways, I’ve said all this really to bring across one point and that is that God for me is sometimes like the Ghost of Christmas Past, Presant, and Future in that, sometimes He just pops out of nowhere and then says, “surpirse, now its time to re-live all those painfull memories of yours and lets fix them while where at it.”

Currently, I must say, I feel sorta sideswiped by the emotions and my past mistakes.  And its in these moments that I come to grips with my own Ebinezer Scrooge.  Playing Jacob Marly for three years straight does have it’s advantages, but when I’m confronted by my own Scrooge, I still find it tough to move past the present and look towards the future.

This is why I love Donald Miller.  When I read Miller, I see the pain and the hurt in his life.  It’s exposed for all the world to see.  Some people that read books such as Blue Like Jazz by him would probably say that he is in fact CRAZY for showing so much of himself through his words, myself on the other had, I feel like its probably one of the most amazing peices of christan writing I have ever read.  As life moves on and I am confronted with issues, I seem to find comfort in the fact that someone out there, who has a similar job as mine, struggles with the same thing as myself.

I was having my weekly meeting with my Supervisor Matt today and I told him how amazing I was that it’s so strange that I have trouble listening to people talk and relating to them sometimes, but for some reason there is something magical about knowing that someone else feels your pain, and not only was it important to wor through the situation, but also a great place to know that other people have as well and it was importnat enough for them to share it with everyone.


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