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please swipe your harris teeter vic card now…
January 12, 2007, 12:12 am
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It’s amazing what a good mid-day way will do for your soul. Since comming back to North Carolina from NYC every day when I go outside I have to convince myself that I am in this extremly urban setting and it just so happens that my house really lies in the middle of central park and thats why there are so many trees and squirls. I have nothing against the squirls or the trees for that matter, it’s just that I found myself to be so happy while i was walking from block to block trying to figure out which way is east and west after getting off a subway.

Life is a lot like getting off a subway for me and not being a native new yorker. I come out into the light and then I’m confused at my bearings, so I stand on the sidewalk for fifteen minutes looking at my map and squinting to see if i can read the next street sign. Really the only way sometimes to figure it out if you can’t see the sun is to literally start walking. Most of the time I finally see the sign, say a few choice words and then head back the other way but every once in a while you get this strange air of confidence. “Of course I knew this was the right way!” I pat myself on the back and keep walking with my head head high.

I had my bible in the checkout line today with me as I was trying to buy a calzone for lunch as well as one of those Naked Drinks.  The self checkout lane was backed up as usual.  Finally I get my chance and then it acts all screwy when I go to check out.  So I have to show my Visa card to the cashier.

The lady that looked at my card asked me what i was reading and i said sheepishly my bible and she put her hand up in the air and motioned for me to give her a high five. As I told her to have a good day she shouted out “You did my soul good today!” This made me smile as I waved and turned to walk back to my apartment.

Evidently carying around your bible can make people very happy.  At least I made that ladys day…


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