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plethora sandwiches…
January 13, 2007, 6:16 am
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It’s amazing what an easy going night of Indy film watching with your girlfriend, prefaced by a good coffee and sandwich at a great little coffee shop can do for your spirits.  This week has been such a mixture of emotions.  A lot of which have been felt all at once.  It’s almost surreal.  I know that my Vintage work has suffered a bit this week, but I just really had to get a lot of my personal baggage straight this week before I could move on and do my job.  It’s amazing how functionless you can become from baggage in your life.  Some people can just keep right on trucking as if nothing were going on, but not me.  I am basically rendered useless if something is going wrong in another area of my life.

The past can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be destructive when left unattended for too long.  (On a side note.  My advice is to make sure you don’t leave your problems alone and think…Oh that will take care of itself.  It won’t and it will probably come back to bite you.)

It’s amazing how much better I feel mentally thou right now.  I mean I certainly think this may be the most healthy I have felt in a good long while. I still don’t have all the answers that’s for sure.  I am taking my friend Darrel’s advice about taking life as it come, and sort of slowing and stepping back a little bit.  I always try to rush through things and then I get to this point where I freak out and want to end everything and start over again.  It’s very unhealthy and destructive in my life, so I’m definitely trying to step away from that and move towards more thought out decisions.

Only time will tell…


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