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ain’t nothin small but the hall…
February 6, 2007, 6:04 am
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those words ring in my ear as i think back on the college days of living in the same dorm for 4 years. there was something about the consistancy of that life that was very comporting. though it had its ups and downs. i mean there was move in and out as well as new schedules new classes and new friends that sorta shook the mix up a bit but it was really nice staying in one place. i look on those years as i try and decide what should be my next housing move here in raleigh. my friend jeff the columnist made a good point that there is something very real about living in community and you can’t get that living alone. lately i have had my eye on two different places neither of which which jeff would aprove of unless we are on the top floor. you see jeff hates the noise of people walking above him. its like nails on a chalkboard for him. i’ve sorta gotten used to the crazy people that live above me and there 14 cats (or at least thats what it sounds like surrying around on the floor). i think i might be sad if i went a day without hearing something being droped or a chair being slid across the floor. it helps me to feel like im not alone when i work from home.

i’ve been slowly getting things in order to launch a webpage of my very own. possibly two pages. i’ve decided that my blog will stay here. i like the interface that wordpress uses and i really feel no motivation especially since someone other jeremy allen has stolen my web address already. thats ok. i’m not bitter, let him try to get,, or ok so all of those are really meaningless. i really do wish i could have gotten but sadly one of the many jeremy allen’s out there good it from me. oh well. on a brighter note…. *listens to the scrathing from above* …. i feel like that couldn’t have come at a better time. this weeks sermon talked about wisdom. i really enjoyed it even though the one service i actally got to listen to i was running powerpoint. i must say to be the tech director of a fairly media friendly church i’m really terrible at running powerpoint. i think i better practice that a little bit more. hmmm… speeking of powerpoint… i have to teach a class on the way vintage21 does powerpoint in the next 2 weeks. i was supose to teach the class tomorrow but no dice, half my tech team couldn’t show up so the date was a wash. its ok. this enables me to be able to attend my tech meeting for midsummer night’s dream. i have to bursh up on my blues knowledge before the meeting because the theme of the show is new orleans in the wake of hurricane katrina. it should be crazy. i love it already and i haven’t even been to a meeting. well i had better get off this thing its time to get to bed.

thought of the day:

oprah’s book list is great, dr. phil is intuitive and having life principles are helpful but what we really need is the heart of God. according to proverbs 8 and john 1, God sent His heart to humanity in Jesus Christ. in Christ we have life. in Christ we have wisdom. in Christ we are finally fulfilled. proverbs is a plea to join the kingdom of God. where are you in this process? if you are a follower, what areas of your life conflict with Christ? how will you learn to follow Him?


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