jeremy allen

February 16, 2007, 11:12 am
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so… i’m usually skeptical of things that have star in their name. i know people that are wrapped up in the whole quick-star phenomenon. i know matt and i were meeting at panara as we normally do every week and we heard these guys talking about quick-star and it annoyed the hell out of both of us…anyways back to my point… so i know you’ve seen those coin counters in harris teeter. normally there is an underlying fee that you have to pay for the counting service but here is the catch. if you buy things on a lot and you want to get a gift card instead of straight money there is no fee. so basically i have decided that i am going to buy all my books from now on with the loose change i get each week. that just sits in my room sad and alone. i can’t wait to go home to virginia because i have like this HUGE tub of change that i am going to bring back with me to get money on my amazon card. it will be great. so then i can just start buying books online. i like to take advantage of the used books. i’ve had really good luck with that section of amazon. if by chance you are reading this and say… hmm i want to buy jeremy books you can check out my book wishlist here.

off to do mixing!


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