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April 1, 2007, 1:17 pm
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i feel like such a poser to the blogging world. i get so busy sometimes that i just cant seem to get ahead of myself. its really frustrating. i really enjoy when i sit down to write. i feel like i’ve been in a very creative mood lately. i actually started writing music again this week. i was house sitting @ matt’s and just sat down at the piano and started playing. the next thing i knew i was tracking some very “rough” tracks for this instramental project i’ve been wanting to do for over a year. who knows if i’ll actally stick with it but i really hope i can at least nail down 8 to 10 tracks. Enough for a decent demo. so i guess that along with the revival of today (actually writing in my blog) i am starting to feel a bit more like myself again. i mean i always feel like myself on some level but most of the time i feel like there are parts missing. and i feel like im starting to become a little bit more cohesive.

so i am currently roomateless. andrew moved to charlotte the other day. it felt weird last night comming home to an empty house. so that will be something to get used to for the next month and a half, but after that jeff will be moving up hear for gradschool. cross your fingers we are trying to move into the cameron court apts. they are amazingly beautifly with hardwood floors. i gotta pick out paint for the walls as well as dig up half a months rent for the security deposit. cup a joe’s is interesting as usual on sunday afternoon. i’m not the biggest fan of their coffee but i love the bubble tea so i end up comming and sitting here to think sometimes. as far a coffee shops go i would have to say morning times is my fav. place to be but sadly they close at 5 durring the week. the guy beside me must have just gotten into si-fi cause he’s def. reading the children of dune. thou its not the original i feel like dude is everyones first or second si-fi book. im sure greg my friend greg would have a comment on that subject. greg and i lived together all thru college. he thinks about life and even really simple things a lot. i always marvle at his takes on life. if you ever get a chance to meet greg you should, but head this warning. guard your food. thats all i’m going to say. living in a city like raleigh, i end up driving or walking around a lot. which is great for me cause thou i’m not so much a thinker like greg i am curious. so i like to people watch and house watch. before you go thinking im some pervert i don’t peep in windows (at least intensionally). but i like to go around and look at just differnt things around the city. i’m like a photographer, minus the lense and the film. i think i would be a photographer if i had a camera, but i don’t. i also really like film. if you haven’t noticed the trend im a very visual person. i think in terms of color and compositon. functionality def. takes a back seat most of the time with my ideas. thou when it comes to other peoples work, i’m not critical for the most part its all about how can this be used. maybe i just am more well rounded than i think and really when i’m being creative i’m subconsciously being practical at the same time. i feel like thats an arrogent statement to make. i don’t take it back its just a thought.

as usual my buddy jeff would say that yet again i have written an in-coherent blog. i would say that it’s very coherent at least to me. i don’t know that there is anyone that really reads this thing or not, but it at least gets my thoughts out in the open so i guess in some random way that is helpfull to at least me. i doubt im consistant enough in my writings to be helpfull to anyone else really.

for now good day…


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you’re right.

this is incoherent

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