jeremy allen

life: memoires of an open book
May 4, 2007, 12:18 am
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my friend jeff and i chat quite a bit about life, love, and why. you could even say that we talk about it too much. its understandable to think that we could just be taking this whole thing a little too serious, but at least we are thinking about it. thats def. a good thing. jeff and i talked about compatability for a while this week and we came up with some interesting conclusions which can be found at his blog. i will update the link soon. i currently don’t know what it is. life is such a blur now and its hard to know which way is up or down. everything seemed to change all at once and it had set me back thats for sure… myabe even an understatement. ive discoved how my faith, love, life, job, friends, joy and peace have slowly merged into on exasperating word called Vintage21. just the thought of this is a scary freekey idea, but when you see it happening its all the worse. needless to say a lot has “changed” in my life in cluding love. and thru many stage twists of fate i am now realizing what it means to distance yourself from your job. considering the previously mentioned its hard to see how exactly to do just that but i’m trying to learn. i love the v21 elders but i’m starting to realize that there is just some things i shouldnt just go around talking about. my life for the last 5 years has just been a widely read magazine and for obvious reasons i’ve decided to cancel a lot of subscriptions. for everyone’s sake. i’ll explain more in a later post. right now i have hit a sleepy wall. i will finish this idea in the am. for now goodnight


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