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June 15, 2007, 12:45 am
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so i’ve stumbled upon quite a few new jobs to add to the list of things im going to be doing this year. My friend Tyler and I are working on getting his production company, called Capital Production Group, off the ground. I’ll be doing subcontracting work thru him. I will also be hopefully working with some of my other old campbell friends in their quest to start a studio. I don’t know that anything will come of it, but I guess we will see. In other news. The Vintage21 band is going to be going into the studio soon to pop out there 2nd cd release. I’m ganna be busy doing some work on that. My buddy taylor will be doing most of the leg work on it. I will hopefully get in there to maybe be a consultant in the mixing and editing. I guess we will just see how that all plays out. I am starting to sense a need for a larger community. I was looking around at a few websites today and felt that a lot of my friends had a larger web of involvement than i did. so i’m trying to find ways to get pluged in to other things other than just v21 without overcommiting. i really want to run by and check out visio dei. i left a note for jason the worship pastor that he needs to switch visio’s service time to 2pm so that i can come without taking off work. maybe i’ll take off one sunday and go. i just really want to see what other people in raleigh that i respect are doing as far as corporate worship.

well its that time that i should be in bed asleep. im tired and im ganan be cranky in the am. i have to get up really early to do some work at vintage. i want to get an early start to my day. i’m tird of rolling out of bed so late.

on a sidenote (as if my blogs didnt have enough of that going on already) if anyone knows of anyone that wants to support monitarly a Tech Director as a tax writeoff let me know. I will be happy to ablige them. I just recently lost 3 of my main supporters…


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