jeremy allen

out of sorts
July 6, 2007, 1:48 am
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so its amazing what can happen just sitting by yourself in an empty apartment in raleigh.  you start thinking lots of things and wondering how much of its true…. really im just amazed at how little time i spend alone these days.  i used to spend most of my day alone…now that i work down town its amazing if i get a moment to myself… its so differnt from how i grew up… i mean i was just starving for attention in grade school now… its like i need to go find a park just so i can not see a car or person for a few hundred feet at least.  but it wasnt really until tonight as i’m sitting in the quiet that i realized just how much i have changed in the last 6 months… its almost scary.  like i really totally feel like im a different person… i dont really know that that imposter was that was trying to live my life for a while but he was a real drag.  i was so depressed for so long that it feels so amazing to be out of that funk… and at least somewhat living a life on my own where i feel like im really taking care of myself and not still being  taken care of.

but i couldnt be more happy.  i mean yeah things could be better but… i have a lot of my crap together and thats a new thing for me.  sure im still slopy… i forget things… i dont do things on time… i procrasinate…but im starting to take real pride in what i do and take ownership for my actions instead of pass them off… thats very new…

so the plugs for today are for American Apparel Clothing as well as the band Farewell from G-Borro.   I was just checking Marshall’s info and realized that got signed by Epitaph Records.   Congrats guys!  I can’t wait to hear the full album.

oh well its about that time… have a good night.


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