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August 7, 2007, 12:01 am
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tonight i finally got to see bourne ultimatum.  i must say it was amazing.  it was by far my favorite bourne movie.  jenn and i just recently went back thru and watched the first to in preparation for the third so this was a great joy to sit for a few hours and watch this wonderful trilogy  become complete.  or is it?  who knows maybe there will be a 4th movie.  i can’t help but sit and wonder… could i be capable of living a life like that.  would i be able to defend myself the way he does.  part of me likes to think i can… then there is the other part of me that says… year right are you kidding me… but who knows what is possible under that sorta stress. who knows… maybe one day…. hopefully not thou.  i don’t think id like to run like that…. but speaking of travel… how can i make my business mobile… thats the question of the day… week …. month … year?  how can i do something i love.. make money..and do it from anywhere i feel like 80% of the time at least.  HELL 100% of the time… why only shoot for 80…. i want to live a life that is fun that i can do from nyc… or raleigh… or LAX airport… or London… or santa cruise… or at morning times…. now how can i make that possibe… i love my computer.  i love making it work … how can i have a phone, a computer, an email address, and a website and work the hours i want to… from anywhere i can sit and open my laptop….

and still make it legal….

any takers?  if you have suggestions i’d love to know.   and no i dont want to necessarily have to travel for my job… or because of my job… i want to travel for me. i want to do my job from anywhere because i can.

your help is needed…


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