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iPod therefore i am
August 11, 2007, 1:12 pm
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so i’m reading this book…

its probably the first book i have actually wanted to read in a while… i haven’t been big into reading since middle school. i love books. i just don’t like to read them. i collect them like trading cards…but i don’t read them… i know this concept is strange to you. mainly it all started back in 5th grade. i was a terrible aural reader. i stammered a LOT and so when it was my turn to read in class everyone sighed and complained under their breath… it basically ruined my ambition to read or do anything literary wise. i also have a tad bit of dyslexia and so… i have problems spelling as well, the two of those combined made for a quite painful childhood. i embrace my spelling disorder now and laugh it off. my close friends constantly proofread for me..and even correct me when i IM them. sometimes it can be frustrating and annoying but usually i laugh it off. i actually would say that because of them i am better now. i see patterns and learn about what a spell wrong. plus the in text spelling correction helps “thank you foxfire!” one day i hope to be able to write without spelling errors but until then i will continue to right-click on the little squiggly red lines under my text for suggestions on the “right word”

moral of the story… don’t tease kids with problems… it can make them miss out on great things that they should experience and it can really jack up their self-confidence… even furthering their problems…

dylan talks about that in the book as well…

we have music in common…


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